Health, Energy, Coffee and Yerba Mate

Is Coffee Good for you? How about Yerba Mate? Since we sell both here at Latin Coffee Warehouse, we look into the answers to these and other questions related to health, caffeine and natural energy.


“Coffee tastes great and is good for you if you drink it a couple times a day.

For many people in the world and certainly in the US, coffee is enjoyed first thing in the morning or as an espresso shot after lunch. Most medical researchers agree today that moderate coffee drinking is either okay for you in general or at least may produce some benefit in the long term. For coffee drinkers, the benefits are more straight forward: great taste and an immediate boost of energy. There is no calorie content in coffee – so the reported “energy” is not related to extra fuel entering the body. Instead this comes from the effects of coffee’s Xanthine content. Xanthine is a family of compounds that stimulate the human nervous system. The most famous Xanthine compound, and indeed the most active one in coffee, is caffeine. A 8oz, brewed cup of americano brewed coffee is typically 95 mg and a single 2oz shot of espresso might contain 63 mg. Caffeine affects the body in a number of ways, but after the first or second cup of coffee, most people experience these effects as a heightened level of awareness and an increased sense of focus. Scientific research shows that moderate coffee might improve some people’s general mental health as well as athletic and academic performance. Other experiments have shown that coffee’s antioxidant compounds may protect over time against skin and other cancers. The cancer fighting evidence is inconclusive – but most medical professionals give a daily cup of coffee a thumbs up for its benefits. Like all things though, moderation is important. Drinking more than 200mg of caffeine per day could lead to “the jitters” – unsteady hands and a general feeling of anxiety. Coffee being a natural diuretic means that coffee drinkers need to also drink more cups of water to help replace the naturally higher rate of water loss. The caffeine in coffee can be addictive too – so drinking too much on a daily basis might lead to withdrawal symptoms on days where then you don’t drink coffee.

Our opinion here at the Latin Coffee Warehouse is that a daily cup of gourmet quality Latin-style espresso coffee is a great way to start the day or end a wonderful lunch.

Yerba Mate

“Yerba Mate is good for you and makes you feel great”.

Yerba Mate is a tea-like brew made out of the leaves and stems of a plant scientists call Ilex paraguariensis. Yerba is indigenous to the Guarani and Tupi tribal areas of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and drinking it remains hugely popular in those countries. Its also becoming popular as a healthy drink in the US, the Middle East and Europe. People like the health benefits, great taste and the culture around drinking Yerba Mate – but let’s take a closer look at what those health benefits are. Scientific research into the benefits of Yerba Mate is conclusive on one key point: it contains a large number of compounds that have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-level-lowering effects on the body. Indeed, Yerba Mate out-performed green tea in one scientific experiment that aimed to find out which of the infusions was better in terms of “total polyphenol content, antioxidant capacity, and quinone reductase activity”. Wow, that must be good.

Yerba Mate, like coffee, also contains caffeine. However, people who drink Yerba Mate report a milder energy boost that lasts longer than coffee and a higher boost in mental clarity. While science has yet to back these claims with rigid experimentation, we do know that there is less caffeine in a cup of Yerba Mate than an equally sized cup of coffee. Coffee is also brewed strong with every drink. On the other hand, Yerba Mate becomes more diluted with very pour over of hot water. All of this might explain why there are very few reports of “the jitters” we often associate with drinking too much caffeine. One other reason is that it contains a lot of theophylline which is basically a stimulant that perks you up without caffeine’s anxiety-causing side effects.

So both coffee and yerba mate are great healthy drinks that can reduce your chances of disease, make you feel more alert and improve health outcomes in other ways. Here at the Latin Coffee Warehouse we sell a variety of both Latin espresso coffee and Yerba Mate. Enjoy.