The Joys of Spanish Turrón

One of Spain’s many contributions to world cuisine is the rich and irresistibly delicious turrón. Traditionally, a turrón is a sweet bar made of honey, egg whites and almonds that are either chopped and baked into a hard block (Alicante style) or blended with almond oil into a soft nougat (Jijona style). Today many countries in Latin America carry on the tradition of turrón with some creative additions and variations. Here at the Latin Coffee Warehouse we carry the most popular turrones made by El Quijote of Spain:

El Quijote Toasted Egg Yolk Turrón
Ground almonds, egg yolk, lemon zest with turbinado sugar are mixed and toasted in an oven to produce this sublime take on the traditional turrón.  Perfect with espresso-style coffee to round out your afternoon.

El Quijote Walnut Cream Nougat Turrón
El Quijote Walnut Cream Nougat Turrón is an artesanal take on traditional Jijona style almond turrón. A rich and sumptuous feast of walnuts gently mixed with marzipan, almond paste and powdered cream.   Perfect with espresso-style coffee or one of the mintier yerba mates to round out your afternoon.

El Quijote Soft Nougat Turrón
This delicious bar of blando or “soft” almond paste and honey is El Quijote’s masterful rendition of traditional Jijona-style Spanish Turrón.   Enjoy the richness of El Quijote Soft Nougat Turrón with dark-roasted coffee or yerba mate.